Terms & Conditions

  • Payment: We take 50% of the amount and the travel charges in advance as retainer and to block our dates. Without this your booking is not guaranteed. We follow a strict first come first serve policy. Rest of the amount needs to be paid while delivering our work. Our prices are inclusive of Service Tax and we accept cash, cheque and online transfer.
  • Price Negotiation:Feel free to ask us for your customized package. We will provide you the best possible package price including discounts for a full cash down payment. We do not negotiate on our final package prices. We believe that there are no discounts for hard work and art should be respected and be paid its due price.
  • Privacy Policy: Copyright and Usage: We retain copyright to all the images and will use some of the images and video on our website and for promoting our work in social media, magazines and exhibitions. As artists we consider each picture or video as a piece of art created by us and thus would want to show case it. However, we will not be using it for any commercial purpose. We will not be selling these images or videos and will use the images or videos purely to demonstrate the work that we have done. In cases, where a client does not want the pictures or videos to be displayed anywhere, we will be charging a higher photography and videography fee.